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The New York Association on Independent Living (NYAIL) is a not for-profit, non-government membership organization that promotes the independent living and rights of New Yorkers with disabilities. We were created by, and are composed of, Independent Living Centers (ILCs) throughout New York State.

NYAIL advances the independence of New Yorkers with disabilities through advocacy, education, resources, referral and the exchange of information. We support ILCs’ efforts to provide individuals with technology, resources, and services so they can lead healthy, productive, happy lives. We do this by helping ILCs obtain funding to support their vital programs and services, providing them statewide leadership and a legislative voice, and serving as a central networking and information resource for knowledge and best practices in independent living. 

Although New Yorkers with disabilities constitute more than 10% of the state population and are productive members of society, they have more difficulty than those without disabilities in finding employment, earning decent wages, and making ends meet. Such difficulties arise from institutional barriers and from the public’s lack of awareness and education about disabilities.

Through our member ILCs, we help people break down barriers, explore new opportunities, and enjoy a quality of life we all aspire to achieve.

View our brochure:

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NYAIL has created a map and directory of Independent Living Centers throughout New York State that is linked below as a PDF file. 

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