The New York Association on Independent Living (NYAIL) is a statewide, not-for-profit membership association created by and composed of Independent Living Centers across New York State. 

NYAIL leads statewide Independent Living Center efforts to eliminate physical, communications, attitudinal, and other barriers to all aspects of life. NYAIL advocates for the civil rights, independence and full participation of all people with disabilities.

NYAIL envisions a future where people with disabilities have equal opportunity to live a life free of poverty, segregation and discrimination.

What are Independent Living Centers (ILCs)?

ILCs are unique disability-led, cross-disability, locally administered not-for-profit organizations, providing advocacy and supports to assist people with disabilities of all ages to live independently and fully integrated in their communities. ILCs have served as the voice of the disability rights movement in New York since its inception more than two decades ago. We assist individuals in navigating complex service systems and advocate to ensure access to their chosen services and supports. Core programs include information and referral services, peer counseling, individual and systems advocacy, independent living skills training, and transition. Other services vary from center to center but generally include: assistance with housing, education, employment, medical needs and personal attendant services.

For statistics and more information about the importance of ILCs, see NYAIL’s 2018 Informational Flier [view here]

To view NYAIL's map of statewide ILCs, [click here]