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The driving force behind NYAIL's advocacy efforts are its public policy subcommittees, working throughout the year on issues that impact people with disabilities in the areas of health, election reform, employment, housing, inclusive education and transportation. NYAIL's public policy subcommittees, and the disability stakeholders who make up their membership, identify issues ripe for impact and develop related disability policy proposals. The subcommittees are chaired by, and include as members, ILC executive directors, ILC staff, people with disabilities, advocates from a variety of organizations, and many other stakeholders.

The subcommittees meet regularly to discuss short and long term strategies for action in the areas of disability policy. The subcommittee members study and debate issues that impact the lives of people with disabilities and make recommendations to the NYAIL board regarding advocacy priorities. This process, anchored in the experience and knowledge of the ILCs, people with disabilities, and other relevant stakeholders, surfaces advocacy priorities intended to remove barriers to full community integration for all people with disabilities in New York. Through this process, NYAIL ultimately develops a statewide disability budget and policy agenda, known as NYAIL's Disability Priority Agenda (DPA).

A list of the NYAIL public policy subcommittees and their chairs is included below. New members are always encouraged to join. For more information complete our sign-up form or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Election Reform

  • Chair- Vacant



  • Chair- Phil Prehn, ARISE

Inclusive Education