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Many people believe that a radio voice needs to be deep, booming, and high-energy. In reality, few people – radio announcers included – have such a voice. If they do, they’re making $10 million a year and have 20 million listeners a week. For the rest of us, here are a few easy things to help you sound great.

  • If you feel a little edgy beforehand, just breathe deeply a few times. This will naturally relax your muscles and help keep you sounding yourself.
  • Be relaxed, speak clearly and slowly. Don’t speak too fast.
  • The best radio presence comes from being yourself, breathing normally, speaking clearly. Because the listener can’t ask you to “pause” or “repeat” what you’re saying, being relaxed and speaking clearly is key.
  • Try to avoid saying “everyone out there.” Most people are alone when they listen to the radio, so it’s a very personalized and individual medium. Think of yourself as talking to one person, not thousands
  • of listeners.
  • It’s okay to take a second to think before you speak. While long pauses on the radio are not good; you are human. People will tolerate a few seconds of silence, especially when the conversation is interesting and sincere.