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August 29, 2023

DEPARTMENT Human Resources (HR)


Human Resource Coordinator


Perform onboarding activities for Personal Assistants (PAs) for the Taking Control program. Assist consumers/employers or their Designated Representatives (DRs), in the recruiting of individuals for employment. Perform backup duties as part of the PA Specialist Team. Provides coverage at other Western New York Independent Living, Inc. (WNYIL, Inc.) locations as needed.


1. Perform onboarding activities for employment for prospective PAs of the Taking Control program.

2. Ensure that PAs submit all required information needed to be employed by the Taking Control program.

3. Ensure that all data points are entered on the PA tracker as PAs move through the hire process.

4. Follow the established PA Readiness process for new and returning PAs.

5. Ensure that all active PAs working in the Taking Control program update all necessary medical and administrative information on an annual basis.

6. Scan, upload and record all required PA information into all appropriate databases within 24 hours.

7. Assist with running the weekly Reminders Report for PA medicals. Print and mail letters that go with the report and inactivate any assistants that have reached the past due date.

8. On a weekly basis update the I-9’s of new PAs that have started working to finalize the I-9 process.

9. Maintain a regional PA availability list to assist consumers/employers or Designated Representatives in identifying prospective candidates for employment.

10. Work in conjunction with the Taking Control Administrator to assist consumers with obtaining PA services.

11. Respond to phone calls within 24 hours.

12. Follow all established program processes relative to processing and maintaining PAs’ employment.

13. Perform a name search of all PAs, before employment, on all applicable state and federal Office of the Medicaid Inspector General’s (OMIG) exclusion lists.

14. Participate in PA Specialist Team meetings.

15. Participate in the Human Resource/ Corporate Compliance staff meetings. 16. Provide support with wage/employment verifications, Human Resource Information System (HRIS) issues and other daily activities related to PA employment.