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NYAIL urges the State to preserve the role of Independent Living Centers in the future of the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program
and reject proposals that infringe on consumers rights!

The New York Association on Independent Living (NYAIL) represents Independent Living Centers (ILCs) and the people with disabilities they serve. ILCs founded the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) in New York State and are critical to the effective utilization and administration of the program. ILCs were instrumental in piloting CDPAP through a Developmental Disability Planning Council (DDPC) implementation grant before the enabling legislation was enacted in 1995. ILCs helped to create and chose to administer CDPAP through Fiscal Intermediary (FI) functions to support program participants to exercise control and independence over their services. 

As consumer directed, grass roots organizations, ILCs are uniquely positioned to be FIs for CDPAP as this program embodies the mission and philosophy of an ILC. ILCs were created by and for people with disabilities to enhance and protect the rights of all individuals with a disability. The ability for individuals to direct their own services and support, determine who will provide that care and remain in their home and community is the basis of the program and aligns with our collective mission. In addition, the wrap around services provided through an ILC by peers are critical to the effective utilization of the program, and result in better outcomes for the participants...

Click here to read full statement presented on February 26, 2024