The lack of affordable, accessible, and integrated housing is the most significant barrier to full community integration for people with disabilities and older adults, including those wishing to avoid or transition from institutional settings.

The NYAIL Housing Education Project is a partnership between the NYS Department of Health (DOH) and the New York Association on Independent Living (NYAIL) with support from the federal Money Follows the Person Demonstration Grant to provide education, training and technical assistance to assist communities in their efforts to increase affordable, accessible, integrated housing for people with disabilities and older adults.

It is a statewide program implemented regionally and works with independent living centers, local communities, housing agencies, aging and veterans service providers, and government officials to:

  • Provide education, training, and technical assistance to increase public and stakeholder knowledge of housing policies, resources, and opportunities
  • Foster public/private partnerships between the disability, aging and housing communities and other stakeholder groups to increase housing choice
  • Provide education and technical assistance to increase understanding about and improve the Medicaid-funded home environmental modification delivery system

NYAIL Housing Education staff are located throughout New York State in Independent Living Centers, offering focused regional housing educational sessions, as well as opportunities to bring focus groups together for training or discussion on topics such as; the Need for Affordable Housing, Housing Choice Vouchers, Universal Design, and Affordable Housing Development. The project works within local communities to understand the importance of highlighting the housing needs of people with disabilities, older adults and disabled veterans and the value of becoming involved in the local community planning process to create systemic change on the local, regional, and statewide level.

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