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The Statewide Systems Advocacy Network (SSAN) was developed to support the Independent Living movement in the development of local partnerships and coalitions to engage in community education about issues impacting people with disabilities. The overall goal is to increase knowledge and visibility about Independent Living, resulting in positive change in communities throughout New York State.

The Independent Living Community Outreach and Education Website is a resource for Independent Living Center staff responsible for or involved in the Center's overall plan, coordination and delivery of community education.  Our goal is to engage leaders on best practices; and to provide useful, practical tools on how to engage our communities in ways that create environments for greater understanding and investment in providing a full and independent life for all individuals.

These web pages provide tools to help create and implement an effective community outreach and communications plan.  Here, you'll find thoughtful pointers, insider tips and advice, suggestions, and sample documents to give you ideas, answer questions, or point you in helpful directions.  Of course, no plan can anticipate every conceivable situation, but we hope you will find the website helpful to you, whether you have a basic question, a dilemma, or are starting from scratch.