Video Description: People with mental illness are frequently being served in nursing homes. This workshop reviews prevalence and possible reasons for this phenomenon. It also provides information about tools used to assess mental illness in nursing homes and how they can be used to plan transition. Community services and supports such as Health Homes, SPOA and HARPs that can used in transition are described. Barriers to transition and possible solutions are also presented.

Date: 11/07/17

Author: Hosted by NYAIL, presented by The Mental Health Association of New York State (MHANYS)

Presentation Slides:

Transitioning NH Residents with MI (PDF)

Webinar Recording: Transitioning Nursing Home Residents with Mental Illness to the Community Webinar 2017-11-07

Video Description: This training will answer the broad question what is cultural competency while exploring Laws, Person First vs. Identity First Language, Marginalizing and Stereotyping as well as incorporating Effective Communication, and Inclusive Leadership into everyday practice. 

Training Objectives: On completion of this training participants should have a broad view of cultural competence and an understanding of diversity, highlighting the fostering of respectful appropriate relationships with people of diverse skills sets at it relates to working with individuals with developmental and other disabilities. Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of respectful interaction and how to be inclusive while practicing cross cultural communication and equity in building successful personal and professional relationships.

Date: 06/26/17

Author: Hosted by NYAIL, presented by The Self-Advocacy Association of NYS

Presentation Slides: Exploring Cultural Compentency (PDF)

Webinar Recording: Exploring Cultural Competency When Working with People with Developmental and Other Disabilities Webinar 2017-06-26

Video Description: Laura Bingell, Open Doors Nurse, presents an overview of Kidney Disease. Kidney Disease affects more than 30 million Americans. Many Transition Specialists have already assisted people who are on dialysis. This webinar will present a basic understanding of kidney anatomy and function, how kidneys can be damaged and treatments that are available. Having a better understanding of what is involved in the treatment of kidney disease and failure, and what to expect in the future, will better prepare you to assist individuals who would like to continue their treatments while living in the community. 

Date: 04/25/17

Author: Hosted by NYAIL. Presented by Open Doors Transition Center Nurse, Laura Bingell RN. 

Presentation Slides: Kidney Disease (PDF)

Webinar Recording: Kidney Disease Webinar 2017-04-25 or view on YouTube