Video Description: Zach Garafalo- Program Director -- Open Doors (MFP) Peer Outreach Program discusses a new initiative to identify service-connected individuals in nursing homes and connect them to Veteran Peer Advocates. He provides an overview of the number of veterans in NYS, those living in nursing facilities and how centers can recruit and hire veterans for employment. Zach is joined by Todd Simmons, a Veteran Peer Advocate from Access to Independence from Cortland County. Todd discusses his own work as a Veteran Peer Advocate for the Open Doors Peer Program and highlights the importance of engaging veterans as partners in nursing facility transition.

Date: 04/04/17

Author: Hosted by NYAIL. Presented by Open Doors (MFP) Peer Outreach Program Director, Zach Garafalo 

Presentation Slides: Engaging Veteran Peer Advocates and Their Loved Ones in the Transition Process (PDF)

Webinar Recording: Veteran Peer Services Webinar 2017-04-04


Video Description: This webcast will educate healthcare professionals about how Money Follows the Person (MFP) programs can help eligible individuals transition from institutional settings back to their communities of choice, featuring the New York State MFP demonstration program. Participants will learn how transition specialistsmand peers can help support not only the individual, but also providers working in institutions and the community.

Our guests will also discuss guidance from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights, which highlights the importance of offering nursing home residents the opportunity to learn about available community resources.

Public Health Live! of University At Albany's School of Public Health presents: The Money Follows the Person Program-Facilitating Return to Community-based Settings.

Date: Originally aired on February 16, 2017


Erika C. Robbins, MA, PMP
Vice President
Lewin Group, Center for Aging and Disability Policy

Lindsay Miller, MPH
Executive Director
New York Association on Independent Living

Presentation Slides: MFP: Facilitating Return to Community-Based Settings Slides (PDF)

Transcript: Public Health Live! Presents MFP: Facilitating Return to Community-Based Settings Transcript (PDF)

Informational Flyer: Facilitating Return to Community-Based Settings Flyer (PDF)

Webinar Recording: Access a recording of the training.

Video Description: Laurie Carter, Open Doors Statewide Social Worker, presents an overview of when and how to complete accurate, thorough, concise notes. Review of when notes are needed, tips on how to write notes, what should be included in the note, and what is required within the database. 

Date: 11/01/2016

Author: Hosted by NYAIL. Presented by Open Doors (MFP) Statewide Social Worker, Laurie Carter

Presentation Slides: Writing Notes (PDF)

Webinar Recording: Writing Notes: Tips for the Transition Specialist Webinar 2016-11-01