Video Description: Join this webinar to learn about Strokes. Stroke is primarily a disease of the brain. However, the brain is the master of all the body systems, so a stroke can affect a person dramatically in unlimited ways. Since it is the 5th leading cause of death and the leading cause of adult disability in the US, we should increase our understanding of how to best assist stroke survivors in maintaining independence. We will discuss what a stroke is, the different kinds of stroke, risk factors, how it is diagnosed, some usual treatments, phases of recovery, resources for assistance and the lasting impact a stroke can have on an individual.

Date: 03/29/2016

Author: Hosted by NYAIL. Presented by Laura Bingell of the MFP Transition Center Project.

Presentation Slides: An Overview of Strokes (PDF)

Webinar Recording: An Overview of Strokes Webinar 2016-03-29

Video Description: Representatives of the Self-advocacy Association of New York State, Inc., will discuss our experience in engaging with individuals who live in Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) about their options for support through the Money Follow’s the Person concept. As many of the people who live in ICFs require a lot of support to speak for themselves or express their preferences, we’ll also talk the importance of the involvement of family, friends, and direct support staff who know them well in the process whenever possible. Finally we’ll talk about interacting with the staff who manage and supervise ICFs.

Date: 02/05/2016

Author: Hosted by NYAIL. Presented by BJ Stasio and Steve Holmes of the Self-advocacy Association of New York State.

Presentation Slides: Engaging People with Developmental Disabilities (PDF)

Webinar Recording: Engaging People with Developmental Disabilities in the OPWDD System Webinar 2016-02-05

Video Description: Watch this webinar to learn about heart failure. We will discuss congestive heart failure as well as both left and right sided heart failure. The focus will be on congestive heart failure, also referred to as CHF. Our goal will be for you to have a better understanding of this disease and the impact it can have on those with whom you are working. We will discuss the types and classes of heart failure, definition, warning signs, symptoms and diagnosis, prevention, treatment options, living with heart failure, and advanced heart failure.

Date: 02/02/2016

Author: Hosted by NYAIL. Presented by Christine Trimboli of the MFP Transition Center Project.

Presentation Slides: Congestive Heart Failure (PDF)

Webinar Recording: Congestive Heart Failure Webinar 2016-02-02