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Blogging is popular and versatile – it works well with both short and long-form content, and pictures and videos can easily be posted. Blogs began life as online journals or diaries, so they tend to have a more personal feel compared to sites such as Facebook, where everyone’s page looks pretty much the same. Blogs are more often used for longer, in-depth personal commentary and opinion, or news, and many feature discussion components. Thus, blogs may be best used if you have specialized or detailed information or insights that are unique and that have the potential for attracting a following of loyal readers. Blogs with little or no reader comments may soon appear “stale.” Still, if you have some ideas, opinions, or news and you can write some substance, frequently, blogs may be the way to go. Don’t rule them out. One don’t with blogs – don’t create one and then fail to “feed” it. Nothing looks worse than a blog with the most recent post dated three years ago.