What is accessible content? How do you create content for ensuring everyone can interact with it? What are some best practices for inclusive event planning? Does accessible content and events help my brand both physically and online? Join us for this exciting and interactive webinar on how to create inclusive spaces in both the digital and physical world.


  • Alex Thomson, Director of Advocacy: NY Association on Independent Living.
  • Blaise Bryant, Communications Specialist: NY Association on Independent Living.
  • Lisa Barone, Vice President of Brand: Overit Media

Date and time: Tuesday, May 30

1:00-2:30 p.m.

ASL and CART will be provided

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The Mid-Hudson Interpreter Service (MHIS), a program of Taconic Resources for Independence, Inc. (TRI), located in Poughkeepsie, New York, has been providing ASL, English interpreting and translating services throughout the mid-Hudson Valley since 1989. In this webinar you will learn:

  • How ASL interpreting and translating services ensure access to effective communication.
  • The science behind specific ASL Interpreters with practical experience working in a variety of settings based on the appointment.
  • Assistance in complying with Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act: ensuring effective communication is being provided for all involved parties, both Hearing and Deaf.

Date: 3/19/2023


  • Jeanine Byrnes  
  • Dana Steele
  • Rebecca McLauglin  

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Presentation Description: 

Navigating personal and professional stressors can be both mentally and physically exhausting. Laurie Carter, NYAIL’s Social Work Coordinator for the Open Doors Money Follows the Person Project will share tips on how to manage your mental health while preventing burnout.

Date: 3/22/2023


  • Laurie Carter, Social Work Coordinator - Open Doors

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