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Hear about significant changes to the NY ABLE Program. The NY Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Program is a tax-advantaged savings program for individuals with disabilities and their families. The program allows them to save for their current or long term needs while maintaining the ability to benefit from federal benefits programs such as SSI, SSDI and Medicaid. Our program offers multiple investment options including a checking account and debit card option, allowing individuals with disabilities to maintain their independence and have quick and easy access to their own money. In 2022 NY ABLE implemented significant changes which significantly increase the number of people who can open a NY ABLE account. These include the residency requirement going away AND the expanded hierarchy for authorized individuals.

Date: 2/22/2023


  • Jenna McClosky, Outreach Coordinator and Administrative Analyst, NY ABLE Savings Program

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Learn effective communication strategies in advocacy. As we start a new legislative session, this webinar will review communication essentials for advocates: How do you get an elected official to listen and support your position? What does it take to cut through the noise and make your “ask” stand out? Why is it so important to be strategic on and off social media? Effectively communicating your message makes all the difference. This webinar will also help advocates understand lobbying rules for not-for-profits.

Date: 1/19/2023


  • Josh Poupore, Senior Vice President, Corning Place Communications

  • David Previte, Principal, Hinman Straub

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Supported Decision Making (SDM) is now a well-recognized practice by which people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) can make their own decisions with the support of trusted persons in their lives. SDM has been recognized by courts, and now by statute, as a “less restrictive alternative” to guardianship. Recently enacted Supported Decision-Making Agreement (SDMA) legislation will grant recognition to decisions made by persons with SDMAs that have been made through a recognized process of facilitation, preventing third parties from discriminating against them–or insisting that a guardian be appointed– because of their disability.

Supported Decision-Making New York (SDMNY) has spent the past 6 years developing SDM facilitation under grants from NYS Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (DDPC), the Ford Foundation and others, and is now the recipient of a $4 million grant from the NYS Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) to design and pilot a facilitation service delivery model that could be expanded to provide SDM facilitation statewide.

The presentation includes the SDMNY facilitation model, the new legislation, the pilot project, and how ILCs might be involved.

Date: 12/15/2022


  • Kristin Booth Glen, Director of SDMNY
  • Joan Cornachio, Associate Director of SDMNY

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