Video Description: Laura Bingell, Open Doors Nurse, presents an overview of Kidney Disease. Kidney Disease affects more than 30 million Americans. Many Transition Specialists have already assisted people who are on dialysis. This webinar will present a basic understanding of kidney anatomy and function, how kidneys can be damaged and treatments that are available. Having a better understanding of what is involved in the treatment of kidney disease and failure, and what to expect in the future, will better prepare you to assist individuals who would like to continue their treatments while living in the community. 

Date: 04/25/17

Author: Hosted by NYAIL. Presented by Open Doors Transition Center Nurse, Laura Bingell RN. 

Presentation Slides: Kidney Disease (PDF)

Webinar Recording: Kidney Disease Webinar 2017-04-25 or view on YouTube


Video Description: Zach Garafalo- Program Director -- Open Doors (MFP) Peer Outreach Program discusses a new initiative to identify service-connected individuals in nursing homes and connect them to Veteran Peer Advocates. He provides an overview of the number of veterans in NYS, those living in nursing facilities and how centers can recruit and hire veterans for employment. Zach is joined by Todd Simmons, a Veteran Peer Advocate from Access to Independence from Cortland County. Todd discusses his own work as a Veteran Peer Advocate for the Open Doors Peer Program and highlights the importance of engaging veterans as partners in nursing facility transition.

Date: 04/04/17

Author: Hosted by NYAIL. Presented by Open Doors (MFP) Peer Outreach Program Director, Zach Garafalo 

Presentation Slides: Engaging Veteran Peer Advocates and Their Loved Ones in the Transition Process (PDF)

Webinar Recording: Veteran Peer Services Webinar 2017-04-04


Video Description: This webcast will educate healthcare professionals about how Money Follows the Person (MFP) programs can help eligible individuals transition from institutional settings back to their communities of choice, featuring the New York State MFP demonstration program. Participants will learn how transition specialistsmand peers can help support not only the individual, but also providers working in institutions and the community.

Our guests will also discuss guidance from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights, which highlights the importance of offering nursing home residents the opportunity to learn about available community resources.

Public Health Live! of University At Albany's School of Public Health presents: The Money Follows the Person Program-Facilitating Return to Community-based Settings.

Date: Originally aired on February 16, 2017


Erika C. Robbins, MA, PMP
Vice President
Lewin Group, Center for Aging and Disability Policy

Lindsay Miller, MPH
Executive Director
New York Association on Independent Living

Presentation Slides: MFP: Facilitating Return to Community-Based Settings Slides (PDF)

Transcript: Public Health Live! Presents MFP: Facilitating Return to Community-Based Settings Transcript (PDF)

Informational Flyer: Facilitating Return to Community-Based Settings Flyer (PDF)

Webinar Recording: Access a recording of the training.

Video Description: Laurie Carter, Open Doors Statewide Social Worker, presents an overview of when and how to complete accurate, thorough, concise notes. Review of when notes are needed, tips on how to write notes, what should be included in the note, and what is required within the database. 

Date: 11/01/2016

Author: Hosted by NYAIL. Presented by Open Doors (MFP) Statewide Social Worker, Laurie Carter

Presentation Slides: Writing Notes (PDF)

Webinar Recording: Writing Notes: Tips for the Transition Specialist Webinar 2016-11-01

Video Description: Multiple Sclerosis is very complicated. It’s appearance and progression can differ greatly between individuals. Even experts have many questions that remain mysteries. By considering what is known, we can better equip ourselves to assist people with MS to remain at home and to individually achieve their best quality of life.

Date: 11/29/2016

Author: Hosted by NYAIL. Presented by MFP Transition Center Nurse, Laura Bingell, RN.

Presentation Slides: Multiple Sclerosis - The Basics (PDF)

Webinar Recording: Multiple Sclerosis Webinar 2016-11-29

Video Description: One million Americans are living with Parkinson’s Disease. This number is increasing and could double by 2040. Having a good understanding of disease progression, current supports and therapies, and an idea of what is on the horizon will better equip you to assist individuals with PD who want to be independent in their own homes.

Date: 09/13/2016

Author: Hosted by NYAIL. Presented by MFP Transition Center Nurse, Laura Bingell, RN.

Presentation Slides: Parkinson's Disease - An Open Doors Perspective (PDF)

Webinar Recording: Parkinson's Disease - An Open Doors MFP Perspective Webinar 2016-09-13

Video Description: Steve Holmes of the Self-advocacy Association of New York State, Inc., (SANYS) will present on the importance of person centered planning to help a person develop a life plan based on their needs, desires, dreams and goals. Person centered planning is the opposite of system planning; it puts the person in the middle and bases all decisions on the person’s point of view. For people with profound disabilities, family, friends and often staff members who have supported them in the past play a critical role in shaping a plan.

Date: 08/30/2016

Author: Hosted by NYAIL. Presented by Steve Holmes of the Self-advocacy Association of New York State, Inc., (SANYS).

Presentation Slides: Person Centered Planning in the OPWDD System (PDF)

Webinar Recording:

Video Description: Approximately 22 million Veterans reside in the United States today. Around 850,000 Veterans live in New York State alone. More than two-thirds of the Veterans residing in New York State have reached the age of 65 or above. Learning whether an individual served in the Armed Forces can prove to be a crucial component of providing the highest-quality services to help that Veteran maintain his or her independent living ability. Status as a Veteran can open the door to a tremendous realm of benefits, programs, and services that can assist the Veteran financially, improve the Veteran’s physical and mental well-being, and help the Veteran in arenas ranging from healthcare to housing. This webinar provides a basic but vital toolkit for independent living professionals interacting with Veterans and their families. It provides key information about eligibility for multiple benefits, programs, and services that assist Veterans and their family members, and informs participants about resources available to “cut through the red tape” and advocate for Veterans and their family members in these areas. Even more importantly, this course provides essential information about interacting properly with Veterans, helping participants gain a heightened understanding of challenges and experiences unique to Veterans and their families and establishing a greater level of cultural competency when working with these individuals.

Date: 07/25/2016

Author: Hosted by NYAIL. Presented byBenjamin P. Pomerance, Esq., Deputy Director for Program Development for the New York State Division of Veterans’ Affairs.

Presentation Slides:

Services for Veterans in New York State (PDF)
NYS Division of Veterans Affairs Directory (Doc)
NYS Veterans Laws Briefing Book July 2016 (PDF)

Webinar Recording:

Video Description:

The purpose of this webinar is to:

  • Familiarize advocates with the current 17-A Guardianship process
  • Educate advocates on how S.4983 will change the 17-A process

The current 17-A Guardianship process violates rights of people with developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injuries to due process and equal protection under the law. New York State's Olmstead report identified many of these rights violations. In response to this Report the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities has submitted a department bill (S.4983) to address these failures. The New York Association on Independent Living has asked Disability Rights New York, the Protection and Advocacy System for New York State, to educate our community on the 17-A Guardianship Statute in New York, to break down Senate Bill S.4983 and describe how this bill is designed to protect the civil rights of people with developmental disabilities.

Date: 04/06/2016

Author: Hosted by NYAIL. Presented by Jennifer Monthie, Esq., Director PADD, PAAT and PATBI Programs at Disability Rights New York.

Presentation Slides: Training on 17-A Guardianship Process (PDF)

Webinar Recording:


Video Description: The purpose of this webinar is to review various aspects of working with individuals who experience mental illness. We will review basic information about mental health conditions, why the Independent Living Philosophy is a perfect fit for working with this population, possible service options (waivers, MLTC, Mental Health Service System, Health Homes, Case management), as well as possible community resources.

Date: 04/28/2016

Author: Hosted by NYAIL. Presented by Laurie Carter of the MFP Transition Center Project.

Presentation Slides: Working with Individuals who Experience Mental Health Issues (PDF)

Webinar Recording: Working with Individuals who Experience Mental Health Issues Webinar 2016-04-28