Date: December 7, 2011
NYAIL hosted a webinar on Disability Statistics presented by Bill Erickson, MS, research specialist with the Employment and Disability Institute at Cornell University.

Disability statistics are a vital resource for community planning efforts, including demonstrating critical unmet needs for housing and services for people with disabilities and older adults in New York State. Where can you find disability statistics? What are the strengths and limitations of different data sources? What should be considered when presenting disability statistics? This presentation will help answer these questions and assist community stakeholders in using statistics to make the best case for the service and housing needs of people with disabilities in their communities. The presentation includes a tour of the web and will demonstrate how to access disability statistics from a variety of resources with a focus on New York data.

Presentation Slides: Statistics on Disability (PDF)

Date: August 18, 2011
Opportunities for ILCs in the NYS Health Home Initiative

NYAIL recently hosted a webinar presented by Kevin Cleary, with KCGR LLC.

The Health Homes program is on of NY's first steps in redesigning Medicaid for all beneficiaries, including people with disabilities served by Independent Living Centers. The target populations for the health home initiative are individuals with chronic conditions. Health homes will provide enrollees with comprehensive care management, which will include referrals to community and social services. We expect DOH to implement a similar model soon for the managed long term care population.

This presentation included:

  • Brief description of the health home program and the potential role of ILCs as subcontractors with health homes
  • How to identify and build relationships with likely health home applicants and other health home providers in your region
  • What are Behavioral Health Organization and how will they work with health homes?
  • How can you position your center for a role in the rapidly changing Medicaid managed care system?

Presentation Slides: Health Home Initiative (PDF)


Date: June 22, 2011
Using HOME Investment Funding to Increase Housing for People with Disabilities and Seniors Leaving Institutions

NYAIL hosted a webinar presented by Steve Gold, nationally recognized housing advocate and attorney.

During this webinar Steve discussed the potential use of New York's Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) funds to transition individuals from nursing homes and institutions into the community. Specifically this presentation emphasized:

  • The potential for using the HOME program to assist with housing for people with disabilities returning to the community,
  • The savings calculations for transitioning people with disabilities our of nursing homes and into community,
  • How to understand New York State's allocation on HOME program funds,
  • How to participate in Planning for HOME program funds.

Presentation Slides: HOME Investment Partnership Funding (PDF)