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Creating a Virtual Independent Living Community

As a staff member of your Independent Living Center, you are in a valuable and unique position in your community.   You read, discuss, teach, train, and are exposed to information in your field on a regular basis that others are not.  Few people in your community have access to or the knowledge you and your staff have about independent living and its critical importance to the lives of people with disabilities and all people.

Your Role as a Digital Curator

The information and knowledge the Center possesses puts the organization in a unique position within the community to speak to issues, provide information, and be a resource on critical matters. Being a digital curator means you collect, organize, and present information in a way that is relevant, understandable and interesting to your consumers and identified community audiences.

Information is everywhere! Your inbox, smart phone, television, radio, newspaper, search engines, favorite news-sites, infomercials at the bank and doctors’ waiting rooms – you name it. We are receiving information constantly and at a pace never seen before. The flood of information and content puts you in a unique position to filter the most useful and meaningful information, put it in context and present it to consumers, stakeholders, and decision-makers in a way that is relevant and prompts intelligent action and decision-making.