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The uses of social media are endless – some people use it get news, others use it for meeting people, keeping in touch with friends, or just sharing. Social media is extremely popular, and it’s where many “conversations” take place among networks of friends, professionals and personal connections. To be a part of the conversation, or at least keep an eye on it, being on social media is critical. Social media is well-suited to mobile devices, and increasingly people rely on social media as their source of information and communications on the web instead of traditional web sites. Most important, journalists and editors under age 50 often go to social media first when they’re looking for stories.

  • Social media is easy to use.
  • Register, log on, and get social media sites up if you haven’t already done so.
  • The most popular social media sites are Facebook and Twitter.
  • Keep content light, upbeat, and brief – social media is all about keeping it short and sweet. Twitter posts are limited to 140 characters!
  • Use social media for announcements, brief news items, or reminders of upcoming events.